General Model Grant Agreement Horizon Europe

The General Model Grant Agreement (GMGA) for Horizon Europe is a standardized agreement between the European Commission and beneficiaries of Horizon Europe funding. The GMGA lays out the terms and conditions for funding and outlines the responsibilities of both the beneficiary and the European Commission.

One important aspect of the GMGA is its focus on open access to research. The agreement requires beneficiaries to ensure that any publications resulting from the project are accessible to the public free of charge. This is in keeping with the European Commission`s goal of making research results widely available and encouraging collaboration and innovation across Europe.

Another key feature of the GMGA is its emphasis on ethics and responsible research. Beneficiaries are required to conduct their research in accordance with ethical principles and to ensure that their research has a positive impact on society. The GMGA also includes provisions for data management and protection, ensuring that research data is properly stored, shared and used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The GMGA also includes provisions related to intellectual property (IP) rights. Beneficiaries are required to take measures to protect any IP resulting from the project and to ensure that it is properly exploited. The European Commission, on the other hand, retains certain rights to use the IP for non-commercial purposes.

Overall, the GMGA is an important document for beneficiaries of Horizon Europe funding as it sets out the legal framework for their project. By complying with the terms and conditions of the agreement, beneficiaries can ensure that their research is conducted ethically, contributes to the public good, and is properly managed and protected. Compliance with the GMGA can also help to ensure the success of the project and increase the likelihood of future funding opportunities.

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